Spring Cleaning

May 01, 2014
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The Dark Ages are over, at least in the Atlanta area. The dreaded Polar Vortex has been replaced by the Pollen Vortex. Instead of a pretty white coating across the landscape we have a dusting of yellow as far as the eye can see. Pretty soon we'll move into the dog days of summer. In the interim, Spring is traditionally a time for, well, spring cleaning. Throughout our neighborhood, weekends are marked by driveways full of possessions accumulated over the years. Unused furniture, outgrown golf clubs, worn out bikes, tricycles, and big wheels, and wall hangings appropriate for bachelor pads but not suburban neighborhoods. Some piles are garage sales in progress, others are headed for Goodwill or the like, others are simply a repackaging in progress.

Spring is always a good time to reevaluate how we spend our time and treasure. Pastor Robin Lindsey said that the true view of someone's heart was their checkbook - did the facade of their life match the reality? I would expand that to include their basement or garage and their calendar.

Our main resources are time and talents, which usually lead to treasure. Are you using both your time and talents to maximize your treasure? Is your time spent efficiently on the activities that create value for you, your family, or the groups you support? Does your employment situation allow you to take advantage of your natural or acquired talents to the fullest? As you accumulate treasure, are you using it wisely? If the answer to all of these questions isn't yes, what are you doing about it? Is it time for a spring cleaning?

Are we embarking on a spring cleaning at Freedom Wealth Partners? Yes and no. Over the years we have tried to maintain a habit of perpetual cleaning on many fronts. The most important is who we allow to become clients. We like our clients to be ready, willing, and able. Ready to get organized and move forward, willing to be coached and accept advice, and able to build wealth over time. If we allow clients onboard who don't meet all of those metrics, they have a tendency to be more challenging to work with, soaking up time that could be spent with other clients, researching new ideas, or monitoring our worldview. (As a side note, if you know of anyone who meets those three criteria that you think might need guidance, we would appreciate an introduction.)

As you embark on your own spring cleaning, be on the lookout for piles of mail from LPL Financial. If you find the stacks of monthly statements, annual reports, and prospectuses to be a fire hazard, there is a way out! Login to https://myaccountviewonline.com and click on the Go Green button (top right). You can stop the mailings and receive your communications via an emailed link. Please call or email if you need assistance. We hope that you and your family use your time, talents, and treasures for a memorable spring. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please call or email anytime.