Have You Planned Your Summer Vacation Yet?  Why Not!

Have You Planned Your Summer Vacation Yet? Why Not!

April 19, 2017
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Summer is right around the corner. Have you planned your summer vacation yet? If not, stop what you're doing, open your calendar, navigate to Google Maps, open your favorite travel app and get started. You work hard all year long. Why? Do you live to work? No, you work to live. It's almost summer, so go live.

Over the past four years our family has taken some pretty epic summer road trips. We have been through 20 states and Canada (twice). We have travelled by car, airplane, L and river boat (Chicago), T and Duck Boat (Boston), inclinator (St. Louis Arch), ski lift and gondola (Utah and Colorado), whitewater raft (Colorado), zip line, ladder and tunnel (Pueblo dwellings at Mesa Verde), roller coaster, and foot (everywhere). We've driven a rental SUV across a fast flowing stream (twice). The kids have been to Hershey Park, Kings Island, and Six Flags in Montreal (skip it!). And we've made countless videos rocking out in the car as we drive through breathtaking scenery everywhere.

My kids may not remember the latest video game or what kind of drone they got for their birthday. But they will certainly remember the first time they saw the Grand Canyon in person. They will never forget swimming in the Virgin River to cool off after a day hiking at Zion National Park.

Our trips haven't been fancy or super expensive, but they have all been memorable. So open your calendar, fire up your browser and get your family on the road this summer. Work to live!